8 Private Tutoring Sessions for ACT/SAT Prep

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I suggest at LEAST 8 sessions of tutoring for ACT/SAT prep. Save by buying 8 sessions at once.

You will schedule them at calendy.com/mjes in the open tutoring slots. We will connect over google hangouts.

You will have assignments and video lessons to watch after each session.

Sessions and homework tailored to your students individual needs.

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Miesha Jihan
Miesha Jihan

Previously, Miesha has lent her instructional skills at the University of Chicago Charter Schools and taught computer science at the University of Chicago Summer Camps. After teaching the children of Chicago’s elite, she decided to use her teaching and developmental skills building with students who normally couldn’t access that level of instruction. Miesha has taught web development for a City of Chicago funded program geared towards economically disadvantaged teens and youth offenders on the west side of Chicago. Miesha also has served as an elite math and ACT/SAT prep tutor for 12 years.

As a college sophomore at the University of Michigan, Miesha worked on a research project that created math programs for Detroit Public Schools students and fell in love with working to improve the educational outcomes of disadvantaged youth who lacked access to technology. After college, Miesha worked as a quality improvement engineer in the automotive industry. Two years ago she made her first step toward a career in STEM Education, taking on the challenge of teaching herself web design and software development so she could teach this skill to girls. While Miesha loves engineering, she loves inspiring women and girls who may not think that engineering is a career option for them even more.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long is this course?
This course is 8 weeks long and 8 individual one hour sessions.
How do I access the sessions?
You will schedule the sessions using the scheduling site calendly.com/mjes. We will connect over google hangouts to hold the tutoring sessions.
What are the typical results?
The typical results are 3-4 point overall increase. There are some cases of students that have increased 9 points with following the lessons and plan I have given them exactly. Individual results vary based on starting score, dedication, and amount of energy put into preparation.

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